Become a Teacher

Promise Hill Teacher Training is an educational institution dedicated to helping women embark on successful careers. Our philosophy is that only by learning from the best can our students become the best. PHTT offers Nursery Teacher Training and Yoga Teacher Training Programmes in online mode.

Teacher is just like a shadow of god. God couldn’t come on this earth, so send teacher in our life to make him our guide. Only teacher teaches us truth about life.

Sorry, No Current Opening. Submit Your Resume If you have teaching experience or teacher training degree(NTT/NPTT/D.Ed/YTT).




A well-qualified teacher makes all the difference when it comes to education that the children receive in today’s all-inclusive classroom. PHTT’s 1-year online NTT program will make you knowledgeable and empower you to become the perfect role model for children in their growing up years. Our course comprises of lessons on both theoretical and practical aspects touching upon child psychology, curriculum and lesson planning, ideologies on child education and management, working with children on various levels, material development, child health and nutrition, etc. which have been prepared keeping at par with the international teaching scenario.

The one-year program being provided in the online mode of learning is perfect for the working teachers who do not have the requisite time to dedicate in a regular course. As a candidate, you will be able to get access to the course using your username and then pursue it at your own pace, from any corner of the globe.